More and more foreign travelers have been selecting Vietnam as their next destination because of its landscapes and hospitable people. However, in order to get the most out of your travel in Vietnam, it is advised to follow some cultural rules “do’s and don’ts” that helloVietnam has listed below.


Always take a local map whenever you are out. This will make it easier to find a street name or road. It will also help to show where to catch a bus.

Vietnamese culture

Remember to dress modestly when visiting pagodas in Vietnam

Dress modestly when visiting pagodas and other religiously sensitive places. Travelers are advised not to wear shorts, skirts, or off shoulder tops that show off too much skin. In addition, always your shoes at the front door when entering someone’s house.

Keep valuable things like passports, cash, credit cards, etc. in at the hotel. If you take too much money with you or show off too many valuables, you may be seen as an easy target for pickpockets.

Vietnamese culture

Visiting Vietnam with useful tips

Ask for permission before taking any cameras or video. Cameras, especially when visiting military sites. If you receive disapproval, do not offer any money or insist on taking photos.

Always withdraw money from recognized and safe places. If you cannot find an ATM, a bank clerk will be happy to assist you.

Drink a lot of water when traveling in Vietnam. The summer in Vietnam is very hot, so you should take at least 2 liters of water with you per day during a journey.


Sit with your feet pointing towards people. This is a sign of disrespect. When staying at someone’s house, do not sleep or sit with the soles of your feet pointing towards the family altar.

Vietnamese culture

Don’t lose your temper in public

Give money to beggars on the streets or at any tourist attractions. Begging culture is not supported in Vietnam. If you want to help, you can contact charitable organizations or put money in donation boxes that are sometimes available.

Lose your temper in public because it causes a loss of face. In East Asian social relationships, “saving face” is an important rule.Try to keep a cool head and remain polite, you will most often receive treatment in return.

Vietnamese culture

Don’t show extreme physical affection such as kissing or hugging

Go out alone too late at night. In order to decrease the chances of being robbed, always stay with someone you know.

Show extreme physical affection such as kissing or hugging. Holding hands is ok.

Touch someone’s head or point at someone with your finger (or feet).

As the idiom says, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, you need to keep these tips in mind when visiting Vietnam. By doing so, you will make your trip as smooth as possible. If you need more information about Vietnamese culture, helloVietnam will be happy to inform you. Feel free to contact us to have the best journey.

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PostDate: 23/08/2017