Together with International Children’s Day on June 1st, the Mid - Autumn festival is another important celebration for children in Asian countries. In Vietnam, there are many interesting activities held to celebrate this day. Start travelling with helloVietnam to discover the specialties of the Mid - Autumn festival.

Usually celebrated on the 15th of the Lunar August calendar (often in late September or early October), the Mid-Autumn festival is a time for families to gather and pray for good fortune in the days ahead. When looking up at the night sky on this day, you will notice that the moon appears brighter and larger than at any other time of the year. In Asia cultures, it is believed that the beautiful full moon is a symbol of rejuvenation and rebirth, offering hopes for an abundant harvest as well as prosperity. That is why it is also called the Full - Moon festival.

Vietnamese culture

The Mid - Autumn festival is often celebrated on the 15th of the Lunar August calendar

On the night of this festival, every street is full of assorted paper lanterns, along with people buying festival gifts and participating in lion dances. Children will often dress up and parade down the streets, wearing funny masks, singing and carrying colorful lanterns. Some are in different shapes such as fish, stars, and butterflies. Meanwhile, the adults and the parents will prepare various kinds of sweet food such as Moon cakes, candies, biscuits, jellies and fruits.

Vietnamese culture

Children often dress up and carry colorful lanterns

Moon cakes are indispensable cakes on this festival. There are two traditional moon cakes including Banh nuong and banh deo. Banh nuong is the brown cake made from flour and filled with a mixture of egg, pork fat, fried onion, peanut and lemon leaves. Banh deo is the white cake, made of sticky rice and a mixture of lotus seeds, pumpkin seeds or green beans. Both can be made in round or square shapes that symbolize Luck, Happiness, Health and Wealth.

Vietnamese culture

Family members stay together and enjoy sweet food

The Mid-Autumn festival is also a great time for family members to pay respect to their ancestors and for young people to express their gratitude to their elders.

Nowadays, some traditional toys and games have been replaced by modern ones but the meaning of this festival has maintained its uniqueness to Vietnamese culture. Do you want to join in it? Let helloVietnam know and we will help you learn more.

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PostDate: 23/08/2017