For those who are interested in cooking, there are a number of cooking classes in Hoi An. Below is a list of the most entertaining and reliable classes that you can choose to join:

Green Bamboo Cooking Class

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Green Bamboo Cooking Classes

Green Bamboo offers private cooking classes and delicious home-cooked meals. Run by multi-lingual Vietnamese chef Van, this class will definitely give you fabulous insight into Vietnamese cuisine in a friendly and relaxed setting. While taking part in the class, you will learn to cook Vietnamese dishes from an interesting selection of traditional recipes.

This wonderful course is suitable for both experienced cooks who want to learn new techniques, as well as for those who simply want a fun day out while in Hoi An.

Price: US$45/pax
(Includes meal, drink and transport)

Red Bridge Cooking School

Vietnamese cuisine

Red Bridge Cooking School

Red Bridge Cooking School is romantically built on the river outside the centre of the town. While joining the class, you will have the chance to visit Hoi An’s colorful markets, as well as the opportunity to interact with local sellers and learn about the local ingredients which are used in the cooking lessons. You will sail on the Red Bridge boat for 25 minutes along the Hoi An River to get to the Red Bridge Cooking School. After arriving, you will explore the cooking school’s herb garden before your lesson. There is a swimming pool in the school area, so remember to bring your swimsuit!

The menu includes 6 dishes.

Duration: Nearly 5 hours from 8h15 to 1 p.m

Price: US $30/pax

Hai Café cooking class

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Hai Café Cooking Class

Located in the centre of Hoi An Ancient Town, Hai Café is well known for excellent food and fun cooking classes. As part of Red Bridge Cooking School, Hai Café offers some evening cooking classes that you may enjoy. Here you will learn about some of the local ingredients, food preparation, and Hoi An’s cooking style. During the class, you will learn how to make local favorites such as spring rolls, white rose, fried wonton, grilled fish in banana leaves and beef salad in a bamboo basket. After the class, everyone will sit down and dine on the very dishes that you’ve just cooked. Vegetarian variations are available.

Duration: 2 hours from 6 p.m to 8 p.m

Price: US $19/pax

Thuan Tinh Cooking Class

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Thuan Tinh Cooking Class

Thuan Tinh cooking class includes a few additional activities. Firstly, the guide will take you to the market nearby to purchase some fresh, local herbs. Then, you will take a 30 minutes trip by a river boat to Thuan Tinh Island, which is recognized as an official ecological zone.

You will have the chance to look at the Local Village and take a boat ride through the water coconut trees before joining the class.

From there, you will go back to your open-air cooking class and the chefs will show you how to make Vietnamese dishes while you enjoy the cool, peaceful atmosphere.

Duration: Nearly 5 hours from 8:45am to 1:30pm

Price: US$ 32/pax

Market Restaurant

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The Market Restaurant Cooking Class

The Market offers 3 teaching areas with modern equipment and provides special cooking experience in Vietnam. Ms.Vy’s Market Restaurant is perfectly set up for demonstrations, tastings and hands-on food preparation, reflecting every aspect of Vietnamese cuisine. There are some kinds of Hoi An cooking class such as Taste Vietnam Street Food Tour, Holiday Masterclass, Advanced Masterclass, Countryside Bicycle Tour & Cooking Class for your reference. These classes have attracted dozens of tourists to join in thus far.

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Each cooking class in Hoi An has its own uniqueness. No matter which one you choose to join, just remember to make the most of it and you will not be disappointed.

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PostDate: 23/08/2017