If you wish to get the most out of a new place during your stay there and really want to be fully integrated into its diverse culture, you should never miss out on trying its local street foods, which will definitely make your trip a fulfilling one. And yes, your upcoming trip to Vietnam is no exception. For those who are food lovers, I bet you will fall even more in lovewith our super delicious Vietnamese street food. Let’s check out for the reasons why street food in Vietnam is a must-try for any visitors.

It’s great value

Vietnamese street food tour

Vietnam version of dumplings

Vietnamese street food is no doubt one of the get the most bang for your buck” type of thing! You will only have to pay for between $1 and $3 per dish, and each dish is usually a decent portion size. Isn’t it an ideal way to spend money while also saving? For example, Banh Bao, a traditional Vietnamese kind of stuffing cake, costs you about 5,000 VND – 10,000 VND each and trust me, its flavor is out of this world!
You may probably get taken aback a little, but Vietnamese food vendors barely accept any tips, and they consider them rather annoying. So, make sure you and your friends know this before walking down the street.

It’s absolutely delicious

Hanoi food tour

A super yummy Bun Cha

Another reason that makes our local street food stalls really appealing to customers is the fact that they have almost mastered the art of balancing flavors. Commonly, each stall will cook only one dish and this dish is, according to customers, perfect! If you are lucky enough to to get to talk with the stall owners, you will learn that their cuisine skills are all uniquely passed down from generations and there’s no other dish as flavorful as the one you are enjoying. Generations of tweaking and perfecting classic recipes are the secret behind numerous food vendors being some of the best places for snacking in Vietnam.

It’s adventurous

Vietnamese cuisine

A stall of our tasty Banh Mi

Imagine you and your buddies walking up to a crowded street food vendor not knowing any Vietnamese and having no clue what is on the menu. What an unforgettable experience to order something you even don’t know what it is and how it tastes! That kind of adventure is bound to make your day.

It’s atmospheric

Street food in Vietnam


Why not grab a tiny red chair for yourself and join in on one of those fast-paced atmospheric street food stalls? If you still have not made up your mind which vendor to stop at first, the tip is that you decide on the one with the most customers as there must be some attractive dishes waiting for you there. Because these vendors are the “fast-food restaurants” in Vietnam, there’s usually a quick turnover time, so don’t worry, you won’t have to wait for too long for your yummy light meal ready for you to enjoy.

It’s fresh

Vietnamese cuisine

A dish of delicious fresh spring rolls

The last but definitely not the least reason to make street food a specialty in Vietnam is the freshness. In many countries, the word “fresh” is not exactly the very first word coming to your mind when you think of fast food. Vietnamese fast food, however, is super fresh and does wonders for your health, except for some occasional fried treats. Along with plenty of fresh herbs, the meat used as the main ingredient. It is freshly bought and cooked within a day from local markets, so the food is served as its best quality, as you can probably guess. Let’s go enjoy it!

Above are 5 reasons for the unique and popularity of street food in Vietnam. Hope this information can be a helpful source for your upcoming vacation to Vietnam.

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PostDate: 24/08/2017