There’s a saying that “When in Rome, do as the Roman do”. As a traveler, to get a close insight into Vietnamese people as well as their culture and take full advantage of your trip, you should never miss trying some of the most unique, interesting things taking place every day in every corner of this beautiful land. Check out the list of the top 5 things to do in Vietnam below to ensure an amazing trip in Vietnam.

1. Spend a night at a traditional homestay

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Living like a local is worth-trying (Source: Internet)

Signing up for a traditional homestay instead of booking a hotel room would be a great experience. Residing with locals is unlike anything else that you may do while backpacking around Southeast Asia. Simply watching how the locals live, having home-made meals together with the hosts, and appreciating the natural beauty of the landscape will surely be a highlight of your trip to Vietnam. If you are planning a trip to Sapa, this article might come in handy in finding a homestay.

2. Learn how to ride a buffalo

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Riding buffalo – must-try activity (Source: Internet)

Nothing can compare to the wonderful feeling when you first ride on a buffalo, slowly strolling across fragrant paddy fields and refreshing yourself among the tranquility. Additionally, you can do a short buffalo ride trip and basket boat at the same time! Jack Tran tour in Hoi An offers the both activities at the rate of 1.000.000 VND per adult and 500.000 VND per child.

3. Spend an evening at Beer Corner in Hanoi

Try a cup of beer in Hanoi

It would be an unforgetable night (Source: Internet)

Beer is arguably one of the most iconic street drinks in Vietnam. Thus, your travel to Vietnam would never be complete without spending a night sitting on a tiny plastic chair, chatting with your buddies while sipping a cold Beer Hanoi, and embrace the world go by. The Old Quater is highly recommended as this place really comes alive during the weekends when the whole street is pedestrianized. There are also countless traditional activities and talented musicians around to keep you entertained. For an excellent glass of beer with your fellow travelers, go to Ta Hien Street in the Old Quarter.

4. Get grossed out at a rural food market

Vietnamese food markets

A butcher’s in one Vietnamese food market (Source: Internet)

Vietnamese rural markets may not be the place for the faint of heart. Those huge chunks of raw meat, bowls of blood and animal carcasses showcased in front of you are enough to turn anyone’s stomach. Although it may be upsetting seeing things like dogs on display, this is how Vietnamese people traditionally sell and buy things, day by day, year by year. Trust me, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for travelers to open their eyes to the way the Vietnamese live and eat. Getting shocked and grossed out at a food market is no doubt ranked top in the top 5 things to do in Vietnam.

5. Do a Vietnamese cooking class

learning cooking in Vietnam

Let’s join and learn how to make Banh Cuon (Source: Internet)

Boasting one of the most exquisite cuisines in the world, Vietnamese food well deserves a try and an attempt to cook. ‘Saigon Cooking Class’ and ‘Hidden Hanoi’ are two cooking class that you can sign up for. From tips to pick out the freshest vegetables, herbs and protein products, to recipes for scrumptious traditional fresh spring rolls or sticky rice cake, these classes are a lot of fun and offer amazing knowledge about Vietnamese culinary culture. Savoring tasty foods that you yourself make for the first time is definitely a rewarding experience.

Hanoi cooking center is a household name in this field for offering diverse and hands-on experience with Vietnamese culinary. Red Bridge cooking school and Ms. Vy cooking class in Hoi An are also famous among travelers. If you are in Saigon, HoaTuc cooking class is the place to go to for a culinary lesson.

What activities, among those mentioned by helloVietnam, have stirred your excitement? Grab your buddies and let’s go discover.

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PostDate: 27/09/2017