Resort-backed and full of wide-eye tourists at peak season are the state of most popular beaches in Vietnam. However, there are some that escape the modern development by successfully preserving their turquoise blue water and soft white sand. Here is the list of these traveling oasis’s:

An Thoi Island

Fingernail Island on An Thoi (Source: Internet)

Jungle Beach, Nha Trang

Jungle beach

Bungalows on Jungle beach (Source: Internet)

Located on a serene peninsula 60 kms north of Nha Trang, Jungle Beach is exactly what a tropical beach is supposed to look like: palm-fringed, backed by jungle-clad mountains and dotted with thatched bungalows. If you have always dreamed of lying on a hammock with a free-flow of coconut water and listening to the ocean, Jungle beach is where you must go. The soft sand is perfect for exercise and yoga while the waves are ideal for suffers. For more adventurous travelers, the tropical jungle provides some rugged trekking trails that lead to an impressive waterfall; remember to take the dogs with you as they will be your most dedicated private tour guides.

There are 3 options when it comes to getting to Jungle Beach. The first one is by motorbike. Take the tourist bus, get off at Doc Let stop and ask the motor drivers to take you to Jungle beach. The trip should take at most 30 minutes at 50.000 VND. The second choice is to arrange a pick up van to get you from Doc Let or Ninh Hoa at 200.000 VND by contacting the Jungle beach resort. The last option is getting there by yourself. On Pacific Coastal Highway 1, head north toward Ninh Hoa village. When the road splits into two, take a right. Stay straight until you reach a huge sign that reads Huyndai refitting ocean-going tanker ship yard, turn right. After passing a large ship, go around the right side of the yard until you reach the dead end of a 3 way intersection. Take the right turn and continue straight until the end of the road, you will find Jungle Beach on the left.

Con Dao Archipelago

Con Dao Archipelago

The turquoise blue water in Con Dao Archipelago (Source: Internet)

Thanks to its status as a National Park, Con Dao Archipelago is pretty much off the beaten track and out of Vietnam’s tourism boom. It is now home to the largest number of nesting sea turtles in the country and still preserves historical traces of once hosting a notorious US prison for Vietnamese political leaders. Bai Nhat is one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in Con Dao. Its cobalt blue water contrasts strikingly with the powder-white sand and verdant green-capped mountains. You can enjoy all of this without a single soul in sight. This beach is accessible by motorbike from Con Son town. At the tip of a headland in the south of the town is Shark Cape. The road that snakes around the cape will reveal a spot that provides a commanding view of the island. Just follow the road and you will reach the beach.

The island is now accessible by plane and boat. Located 160 miles south from Ho Chi Minh City, a one way flight to Con Dao from the city usually takes around 40 minutes at about 2.000.000 VND with VASCO, the only airline to service Con Dao. Booking in advance is advisable as tickets sell out quickly. If you are too late for a flight ticket, contact a travel agent in Ho Chi Minh City because even if the website says the flight is full, it is usually on hold for an agent. If you start from Vung Tau, there is a 12-hour ferry ride which is highly recommended not to take, as it is usually very crowded. The waters between the mainland and the island can be rough, making the trip super strenuous and travel sickness a usual event. A ferry ticket is between 100.000 VND to 200.000 VND.

An Thoi Islands

Phu Quoc Fingernail Island

Phu Quoc Fingernail Island (Source: Internet)

Phu Quoc has become a booming tourist destination in the last few years with hotels and resorts opening rapidly. However, if you go a little farther off the southern coast of Phu Quoc you will find An Thoi, an archipelago of 15 islands and islets. Comprising of tropical natural coral reefs, sparkling clear water, palm-fringed beaches, and almost no people, An Thoi is a true paradise for explorers. Although no commercial boat ventures to the middle and south islands, they are actually even more gorgeous.

The two highly recommended islets are Hon Xuong and Hon Gam Ghi. To get there, either go to An Thoi Port and hire a boat for a whole day at 1.000.000 VND, or ask your hotel to arrange one for you. Prepare food, charcoal, matches and a wire grill as if you are going on a picnic. You can also ask your hotel to wash and marinade the food for you at a very reasonable price. If you are on a budget, gather some like-minded travelers to share the cost of transportation and to keep each other safe.

You do not have to go to the end of the Earth to find some peace and quiet. An Thoi, Con Dao and Jungle Beach in Vietnam are pretty much off the beaten track with pristine natural beauty.

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PostDate: 27/09/2017