So you’ve got the ring and fancy an intimate ceremony in an exotic location rather than in a church? Let helloVietnam show you why Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam should be on the top of your list.

Plenty of places with exquisite food

It is impossible to talk about the vibrant culinary scene of Phu Quoc and not mention The Naked Table. It is a family-run restaurant specializing in South Indian cuisine. The Naked Table is perfect for an intimate ceremony as it caters to small parties. The restaurant serves the kind of food that encourages sharing and boasts a cozy atmosphere, it is a great place for one of the last meals as an engaged couple.

A dish in the naked table restaurant in Phu Quoc

A dish in The Naked Table restaurant (Source: Internet)

Saigonese Eatery will deliver an unforgettable Vietnamese culinary experience. The restaurant features locally sourced fare at a reasonable price. Saigonese Eatery’s food is plentiful, beautifully presented and second-to-none in the country. Ms. Thao, the chef, is elevating the standard of Vietnam’s fusion cuisine with her excellent grasp of flavor and vision. The restaurant also caters to small parties so it is ideal for a family-style meal for acquaintances and friends who are enjoying a vacation along with your wedding.

Plenty of destinations for a nature walk

The number of attractions is key in consideration a wedding destination. Not many people are willing to go through the fuss of planning a trip, fly a few thousands kilometers, attend a wedding, have a few meals and then go home shortly after. The venue must be vacation-worthy to make their journey worthwhile.

An Thoi Archipelago is perfect for either a honeymoon trip or a casual picnic. The enigmatic islands are pretty much off-the-beaten-path for travelers. The cluster of fifteen islands boasts sweeping arcs of sand, diverse wildlife and pristine tropical coral reefs. Most tourist boats don’t venture there, but you can arrange your own transport with the hotel you are staying in or at the quay.

Phu Quoc Fingernail Island

Phu Quoc Fingernail Island (Source: Internet)

For a guaranteed dose of thriving green forest, head north to Phu Quoc National Park, which covers half of the islands. One great way to experience the wilderness of the park is to take a walk along the jungle trails. You will likely be surrounded by a large number of butterflies once set foot in the jungle. The chances of encountering some bizarre insects are high, but remember those fellows are to observe, not to touch.

Phu Quoc National Park

Phu Quoc National Park Waterfall (Source: Internet)

A stroll on the beach will surely help you unwind after all the excitement of the wedding. Vung Bau beach can provide some peace and quiet since it is quite low-key and undeveloped. The restaurants on the beach offer great value food as well as free masks and snorkels for diving and swimming.

Vung Bau Beach in Phu Quoc

Vung Bau Beach (Source: Internet)

Exotic accommodation

A family-run hideaway is perfect when heading out for a honeymoon. Hon Dam is one of the uninhabited islands in An Thoi Archipelago, and Hon Dam Island Hideaway has taken advantage of this to create a place where visitors can live in harmony with pristine nature. The island boasts secluded beaches and beautiful tropical forests for couples to unwind and enjoy some alone time with one another. The shack provides an array of Vietnamese cuisine with locally acquired ingredients, which is ideal for romantic dinners.

Hon Dam Island Hideaway in Phu Quoc

Hon Dam Island Hideaway (Source: Internet)

When it comes to eco-credentials, Bamboo Cottages Resort is second-to-none in Phu Quoc. It offers limited machines and electricity but plenty of fresh air as none of the rooms are completely sealed off. The bathrooms are half-open so they will get wet if it rains, but the refreshing sea breeze makes it totally worthwhile. As the resort minimizes their effect on the environment, you will surely get the sense of how Phu Quoc was before the boom of tourism.

Bamboo Cottages Resort

Sea view from Bamboo Cottages Resort (Source: Internet)

Phu Quoc does not fall short in offering activities and venues that can serve intimate tying-the-knot ceremonies. It can also double as a destination for a romantic honeymoon getaway.

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PostDate: 11/10/2017