Soon-to-be travelers to Vietnam set high expectations for their trip and want to make the most of the downtime they have in the country. However, the sheer amount of things to do and where to go can be overwhelming. At the time when you are exhausted and furious by the fact that you had gone through all the hassle of planning your own trip and mishaps still happen, a private tour can be your best bet.

A bridge in Vietnam

A suspension bridge in Vietnam (Source: Internet)

Private guided tours in Vietnam come with lots of pros: individuality, flexibility, and intimacy. You have full control over the schedule to omit or add activities, which is extremely useful in Vietnam where the chances of bumping into a fine eatery while touring is high, and decide on what to see and what to eat. And on top of that, you can take advantage of your guide’s expertise to gain insider information that would otherwise be impossible to get in a self-guided tour or a group tour.

However, to maximize your time in Vietnam, you will to some degree need to take matters into your own hands since you are the one who knows best what will suit you and your party. Here helloVietnam tour operator has come up with a list of what to do to reduce the hassle and maximize the memories before you start tailoring your Vietnam private tour.

Decide on the duration of your trip

The very first thing to do is to decide how long you want to spend touring the country. This is essential for your tour operator to do the necessary paperwork and arrange your VISA in case you are exceeding 15 days. An exact plan on the duration of the trip also plays a crucial role in deciding on the density of activities during the whole trip and on each day. You don’t want your journey to be too rushed or become boring because there are too few sites to cover.

Choose a private tour guide

Tour guides can make or break your journey. A good tour guide can turn your whole trip into one of the best private tours in Vietnam you have ever experienced while a bad one can make you want to catch the next flight home; but how do we tell them apart? Here are some tips to pick out the best guides to accompany you on your upcoming vacation:

They are passionate about their job: A person who considers guiding a true calling will provide a whole different experience to the ones who just want to make money from it. See the look on their faces and their mannerism, nothing is better for a dedicated tour guide than to serve others and show his/her travelers around their beloved country.

They are knowledgeable: A great tour guide will be the one to bridge the gap between travelers and their country. In order to fulfill that requirement, he/she must possess an in-depth knowledge about the country’s history, culture, and landscape.

They are respected: A key factor for any traveler to successfully immerse themselves in a new culture is to show their willingness by at least be respectful and friendly with the locals. See if your guide, the middleman to connect the two parties, is jovial or if he/she just barks orders and looks down on his/her fellow countryman.

They listen as much as they speak: A great private tour guide knows that one size doesn’t fit all, so he or she will prioritize conversing with his or her travelers as much as they can to get a good sense of their personalities in order to deliver the best experience.

Set goals and expectations

Now it’s time to be crystal clear about what you expect to get out of your trip to Vietnam. Take a moment to think about your goals. Do you simply want to relax? Do you want to have a lot of quality time with your loved ones? Or is this a new culture that you want to fully immerse yourself in. Remember to write them down so that you can keep track of them and avoid being drifted away from the initial goals when you are overwhelmed by the details.

The next step is to visualize your vacation in Vietnam. For example, let’s say that your dream vacation will take place somewhere cool that has little rain and an authentic cultural atmosphere. If so, the best fit is a North Vietnam private tour in autumn and winter. Bear in mind that your expectations, no matter how attractive they are, must align with your goals. The best way to make sure of this is to write up a list and then cross out the unfit.

Define on budget

Budget is a huge determining factor

Your budget is a huge determining factor (Source: Internet)

Your budget for the trip will largely determine other aspects such as accommodation, transportation, food, and entertainment. If you have a deep pocket and are into a luxury private tour to Vietnam, give your guide a heads-up that you require top-notch services so that he or she can come up with suggestions that might suit you. Or if a private family tour to Vietnam is on your mind, your guide can provide you with insider information, according to your family’s budget, about kid-friendly sites or exciting-but-not-too-dangerous adventures for your adolescent-aged children to keep them occupied while giving parents a break.

Brainstorm options and make a plan

Brainstorm and come up with a plan

Brainstorm and come up with a plan (Source: Internet)

This part of the process if done right, can be stress-free and one of the most exciting activities, especially when planning a private family tour to Vietnam. Ask each involved unit to partake. They should prioritize their own list and then compare everyone's lists to see the similarities and differences. Next, write everything down on a piece of paper to narrow the options down to a list of potential places. This can go a long way towards engaging everyone on the trip, especially teenagers, since they get to see where their interests fit in the master plan. At this time, consulting your local guide is necessary to make sure your plan is in line with the time you have, your budget, your goals, and your expectations.

After you've finalized your list of desired activities, show it to your private guide so that he or she can make any adjustments based on his/her experience and expertise.

Final note

A plan, no matter how detailed, can go off-road anytime; so remember that not everything will happen according to the plan and be prepared to embrace unexpected experiences and adventures. After all, they are what make a Vietnam private tour exciting.

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PostDate: 12/12/2017