By the end of March 2018, Sapa, a big star in the inbound travel industry of Vietnam welcomes the first mountain railway connecting Sapa and Indochina Summit, Fansipan. Henceforward, the archive of top things to do in Sapa, Vietnam will be greatly expanded thanks to this new development, and the railway is expected to contribute to the magnification of the tourist attractions in Sapa.

Terraced fields in Sapa

Terraced fields in Sapa (Source: Internet)

Since the 31st of March, 2018, Sapa officially put its first mountain railway into operation, in order to provide visitors another mean of transportation besides buses and cars on the highway.

With the proximate length of 2 kilometers, the railway is the longest one in the country as of now. The departure station is located at MGallery Hotel in Sapa downtown, while its arrival point is in the area of the cable car system leading to the Fansipan peak. The railroad crosses 2 tunnels and 4 bridges with the maximum velocity of 10 meters per second, whilst the capacity reaches 2000 guests within an hour. Muong Hoa Railroad, the official name of this new development, is expected to lessen the current travel duration to 4 minutes straight, while before it took up to 15 to 20 minutes along the hazardous mountain path.

Muong Hoa railway first sneak peak

Muong Hoa railway first sneak peak (Source: Internet)

The first sneak-peaks reveal the images captured inside Muong Hoa Railway. The cabins were designed in the European vintage and delicate concept, with the system of illumination, classic ceiling fan, and luxurious gold-plated metallic details. Beyond, the train’s central portion is covered with a layer of crystal-clear glass windows, which allows you to admire the gigantic beauty of the Northwestern mountainous highlands.

Classic ceiling fan

Classic ceiling fan (Source: Internet)

If you have the chance to sign up for a private tour in Sapa, Vietnam and take a journey on Muong Hoa railway, you will be able to cross the massive tunnels, bridges, and tribal villages hidden in between the morning dew carpet. The highlight throughout this route is definitely the famous Muong Hoa Valley. This valley is situated roughly 10 kilometers away from Sapa towards the Southeast. Though lesser known compared to other main attractions, Muong Hoa Valley promises to be a newly emerging climax for Vietnam private tours. The valley never fails to capture our attention with its poetic scenery. In addition, this breathtaking landscape is home to many ethnic communities, which creates a fusion of both natural and cultural values.

Harvest season in Muong Hoa

Harvest season in Muong Hoa (Source: Internet)

Other than its romantic beauty, Muong Hoa Valley is also known for its mysterious ancient rock field, serenely rested in between the wild grassplot and terraced rice paddies. There are up to hundreds of sandstones with surfaces carved with uniquely astonishing drawings and characters, many of which fail to be decoded even up to present day. Taking a Vietnam private tour to Sapa and visiting the ancient rock field in the daytime, you can easily spot out plenty of images of mankind in various shapes, such as a standing man with two hands spread fully, a couple holdings hands, or a man in an upside down posture. The ancient rock field is now officially recognized as a national heritage site as well as a pride of the Vietnamese community. The field was recorded to cover an area of over 4 kilometers in length and 2 kilometers in width, with a collection of at least 159 stones. The site, for a long period of time, has been a well-known experimental point for many famed researchers coming from various places, such as Vietnam, Russia, France, Australia and so on.

The iconic ancient rock field

The iconic ancient rock field (Source: Internet)

It is hard to calculate how many Vietnam private tours the country can offer. Each region never fails to amaze you with both big attractions and hidden gems. Sapa, one of the most repeated names on the list of where to go in Northern Vietnam, is now greatly developed with the hope to fully satisfy even the hardest-to-please-customer. Down the pike, both the local Viet and foreign wanderlust communities get to be excited about how easy it will now be to witness the iconic Muong Hoa Valley. Moreover, any of those who are scared of Vietnam’s traffic can now have zero fear, as the new railway is finally open.

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PostDate: 19/04/2018