On the morning of 30th May 2018, the capital city of Hanoi officially inaugurated the very first double-decker bus route covering 25 streets of the inner city. It offers a splendid chance to show off the city’s hidden beauty from an entirely different view and see the famous sights en route. Your bus ticket will be valid for at least 4 hours (the length depends on which type of ticket) and the service operates from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day. It runs every 30 minutes, hence the passengers can get on or off as often as they want.

First open-top double-decker bus in Hanoi (source: Internet)

The aim of this means of transport is more as a tourist attraction than just a daily bus route as it will carry you through the history as well as the background of the city’s most enchanting neighborhoods. Tourists, indeed on their Hanoi group tour, are treated to a glimpse of an antique but modern Hanoi. You can make a stop at any of the destinations and discover the attractions at your own pace.

Hanoi transport service company (Transerco) is the organization in charge of managing and operating this double-decker bus. It has the carrying capacity of roughly 80 individuals and is equipped with a GPS tracking system. The audio guides are available in a wide range of languages serving tourists from many different nations. Passengers accordingly can opt for their desired spots to hop off.

View from above

View from above (source: Internet)

The 01 bus route covers 25 streets with 13 departures in total and allows tourists to sightsee 30 attractions around Hanoi easily. Passengers mostly choose the upper deck of this open-top bus to enjoy the spectacular views of the city. From above, they can have an unhindered view of many of the well-known sights of Hanoi and are able to look down at the streams of vehicle commuting below. It will be such an unforgettable experience on your Hanoi group tours.

All buses meet the European emission standard of Euro 4.The low-floor bus is elderly, child, and disabled friendly. There is also great wheelchair accessibility, making it convent to move on and off the bus. It’s also packed with wifi, USB charging ports, fridge, etc. The ticket price varies from 300,000 dongs (valid for 4 hours) to 650,000 dongs (for 48 hours).

Previously, on 30th June 2017, Hanoi held a trial run for the double-decker bus tour around some famous tourist attractions. The city has undertaken plans to develop the open top double-decker bus as a solution to reduce high volumes of traffic and to boost tourism. At the present, there are three buses in total, this number will be increased up to 15 units in the near future. Your Hanoi tour will be more lively thanks to these double-decker buses.

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PostDate: 14/06/2018