When seeking a romantic place to go on a date, holiday or honeymoon with your loved one, what do you look for? Purple haze sunset as background for your intimate talk and candle lit dinner? Some activities two people can bond over? Stop searching already! Because Hanoi, Vietnam can offer all of that.

Don’t be surprised! Hanoi is certainly a location no tourists expect to be romantic, but behind that antique yet busy atmosphere, the city is a hidden oasis for love-birds. Let’s see what the lovey-dovey activities in this capital are?

Walk around Sword Lake or West Lake

In Vietnam tours for couples, Hanoi is rarely featured, for the obvious reason that it is always full of hustle and bustle! But look closely, romance is always in the air. One suggestion: Touristy attractions are rather relaxing at night and in the early morning, even places like Sword Lake or West Lake. If your hotel is near, what better way to bond with your loved ones than holding hands, walking slowly along the lake and have your skin caressed by the morning cool or chilly night breeze, a definite change from the not-so-romantic Vietnamese humid weather. A sudden cold wind can also be an opportunity to show your elegance, either take off a coat or an arm over their shoulder, you decide the best way to make a move.

When you want to rest, find a stone bench. Imagine staring out at the motionless water, head rested on the other person’s shoulder, lost in the tranquility, an unoccupied mind that is solely focused on the blissful moment. The experience is absolutely something you two will recall till old age.

As a matter of fact, there are couples who love Sword Lake so much that they still walk together on the route everyday … until old age (picture).

This couple walks together along Sword Lake every day for seventy years

This couple walks together along Sword Lake every day for seventy years (Source: Internet)

Swan boat cycling

Among the most romantic activities in the world, there is horse riding, cycling, kayaking and so on, but have you tried swan boat cycling - an exclusively Vietnamese experience that includes all of the above?! If this is the first time you’ve heard the term, come on a Vietnam tour for couple and try it out on West Lake.

Swan boats are basically a cycling boat shaped like a swan, giving the device an elegant appearance. On this uncommon creation, you can float together across the lake, looking down at the transparent emerald lake surface, of which color is from the reflection of buildings and trees from the surrounding street, an absolutely romantic background for all types of intimate conversation, from mushy talks to love confessions.

The boat can squeeze in perfectly two people only, making it the perfect tool for couple exclusive excursion. The ticket stall is open in two shifts, 8:30 to 11:30 A.M and 13:00 to 17:00 P.M every day and can easily be found along the lake. Additionally, an hour of this romantic experience only cost you 80,000 VND. Swan boat cycling is truly an activity in Vietnam for couples looking for an affordable and wise move in their romantic scheme.

Swan boat cycling - an affordable romantic activity in Hanoi

Swan boat cycling - an affordable romantic activity in Hanoi (Source: Internet)

Dinner in the fanciest bar and restaurant in Hanoi

If all the suggestions so far are not fancy enough for you, if you’re looking for a nice place to have an anniversary dinner or even better, to propose, remember that Hanoi is a capital city, a place not short of such luxury.

Most deluxe bars and restaurants in Hanoi are located in high rise buildings, which gives them a million-dollar-worth perspective. Enjoy a classy dinner with either western or contemporary Vietnamese cuisine in these places, you will get to admire a paranormal view of the busy city from up high, the streets below are dotted and lit up with blue lights from buildings, street lamps and endless traffic. Gazing down at that chaotic yet stunning urban scenery, while being totally at peace with your loved one in a private space 400 feet above the ground is a sumptuousness not everyone can experience in their Vietnam tour for couple.

Some of these best rooftop bars and restaurants are:

  • MK Rooftop Bar and Restaurant – Number 72-74 Hang Buom, Hoan Kiem District
  • Grill 63 – Number 54 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh District
  • Red Bean Trendy Restaurant – Number 12 Nguyen Quang Bich, Hoan Kiem District
  • Panorama Restaurant & Bar Top – Floor 11, Number 13 Ly Thai To, Hoan Kiem District

Stunning view from a bar restaurant

Stunning view from a bar restaurant (Source: Internet)

A romantic motorbike adventure all the way… out of Hanoi

For venturous duos who are keen on pursuing more thrilling experience on their Vietnam tours for couples, don’t waste your money cabling, line-zipping or any of that fancy stuff, rent a motorbike or scooter in Hanoi, the thrill is right there, the fear of danger will definitely bring you two closer!

In all seriousness, Hanoi is a city known for its incredibly terrifying traffic, so if honking cars and scooters racing across the street are too much for you, try riding in the outskirt, there are much fewer vehicles and the sudden change in surroundings is guaranteed to unwind you and your partner - an intriguing private city escape! After venturing, if there is still hesitation to go back, try finding a nice resort to spend the night, there are many just outside of Hanoi with breath-taking views, serenity and excellent service, such as these addresses:

  • Flamingo Dai Lai Resort & Spa – a new destination 40 km from Hanoi with pool, kayaks and boats
  • Serena Kim Boi – a hot spring resort 2 hours from Hanoi by motorbike with marvelous natural scenery
  • Tam Coc Garden – a green heart amidst an empty suburban area, about 100km from Hanoi center
  • Thao Vien Resort – a resort covered in palm trees and rural landscape

A romantic city escape by motorbike

A romantic city escape by motorbike (Source: Internet)

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PostDate: 30/07/2018