Hanoians have considered “Train Street” their flesh and blood for such a long time. This old-fashioned train track has gained more popularity recently and has drawn a host of sightseeing tourists out there.

Hanoi train street

Hanoi train street (source: Internet)

Tourist attractions offering spectacular views, from ravishing beaches to soaring mountains, are usually first on your list when planning to visit somewhere. However, among the plethora of those charming tourist spots, Hanoi train street will be a breath of fresh air during your long Vietnam journey; a Vietnam culture tour that’s not to be missed.

Thousand-mile stretches of railway tracks appear virtually around every corner throughout Vietnam and the capital of Hanoi is no exception. Somehow the existence of Hanoi train street has its own secret identities encouraging international tourists to stop for a while. Folks affectionately named it “the train track neighborhood”.

Train track

Train track (source: Internet)

Over recent years, the cluster of streets where the train passes through, including Kham Thien, Le Duan, and Phung Hung, has burst onto the tourist scene due to its surreality to tourists.

One local resident, (the civil rights activist of the civil group 22, Nha Giau collective quarter, Kham Thien Street, Dong Da, Hanoi) said that the number of sightseers going on a hunt for this bizarre neighborhood can be in excess of 50 people on a usual weekday. That number doubles in the street of Phung Hung which is much closer to Hanoi train station.
A couple of French tourists said, “I am French. There are some train tracks pretty like this in my country; this one has its own beauty though. I do like it and took a lot of photos out here.”

How to get there:


Map (source: Internet)

If you are on the lookout for this railway track and ready to hunt it down, the fastest way is to ask your hotel receptionist, or locals, and they will show you where to go. Another way is to do a Google map search. the train track lies off the Old Quarter, roughly 1 kilometer away on the Western side of Hoan Kiem Lake.

However, note that in order to catch the incredible scene of the train hurtling through a relatively narrow corridor in a residential quarter, you ought to know the timetable. 3.20 p.m. and 7.45 p.m. are the usual times that the train passes through. This photogenic destination will bring you all kinds of extraordinary feelings, during your Vietnam culture tour, that you have never experienced before.

Normally, this train track is used as a road for commuting, mostly used by local residents. However, once the signalman raises the flag as a signal for the approaching train, everyone must stay away from the track.

Even though it’s relatively inconvenient for the local residents, they have proudly said that it’s like a rare rural neighborhood positioned in a thriving metropolis.

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PostDate: 07/08/2018