In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in the number of people who want to have their honeymoon in Vietnam. If you are among those people, whether because you and your partner have been to Vietnam and decide that the country is memorable enough to spend your honeymoon, or you are first timers, wishing to have a Southeast-Asian adventure, you will need these tips either way. Because there are certain differences in a Vietnam vacation and Vietnam honeymoon that you probably wouldn’t expect.

Things you need to know before coming to Vietnam:

To begin with, if you are first timers, here are a few things about Vietnam you need to be clear with.

1. Vietnam is a tropical country

This is something you were most likely informed before your trips. But unlike what you think, Vietnamese climate is not all blazing sun and terrifying humidity. Our climate varies from North to Central to South. For example, the North usually has four seasons, in which summer (April to October) it is extremely hot and humid, the temperature goes up to 40°C, and then in winter (November to March), it can plunge straight down to under 10°C. The South, on the other hand, has two seasons only, dry and rainy, of which temperature fluctuates as well. So the ultimate advice here is to remember to research well about your destinations. Because there’s nothing worse than a honeymoon where even hugging is unbearable.

the climate will be enjoyable or torturing

Depending on where and when you go in Vietnam, the climate will be enjoyable or torturing

2. Vietnam is a developing country

Vietnam is not a developed country, of course you are aware of this. This might even be why you choose to visit this place. The culture is different, leaving many things for exploration, the food is cheap and there are many untapped beauties. This diversity you feel sets the foundations for an incredible adventure; However, this also opens the door for tourist scams, as bad people can take advantage of you as you’re just trying to find your way around. Read on as we’ll talk about valuables’ protection in the next part.

Vietnam’s daily chaotic life

Vietnam’s daily chaotic life

3. Vietnam is a great destination for a honeymoon

Yes, despite all of the above, in my opinion, Vietnam is an ideal location for a honeymoon. Besides being affordable, the country owns several types of scenery, from mystical mountains to gorgeous beaches, to sacred pagodas and ancient sights full of history. Depending on your preference, you can enjoy rural tranquility, outskirts’ peacefulness or the best urban nightlife. Within these best honeymoon destinations in Vietnam, there are also tons of things to do; rent a cute bungalow by the beach, explore endless stalls of street food or hand in hand walk through an antique street.

Vietnam is ideal for romantic activities

Vietnam is ideal for romantic activities

So there’s no need to give a thought about whether you should have a honeymoon in Vietnam amidst all the scams and heat, it’s a no-brainer, if you’re still anxious, just follow these tips below and you will be just fine.

Without further ados, here are the dos and don’ts for your Vietnam honeymoon:


  • Don’t be too affectionate in public:

I know this is difficult to ask of newly-weds, but you should know that Vietnam is not friendly towards Public Display of Affection (PDA). So if you don’t want to get stared at critically by old people, follow this line. Hand holding or hugging doesn’t hurt, though, just don’t make out too passionately in the middle of the street.

  • Don’t visit cities in the summer:

As mentioned above, the Vietnamese summer is insanely hot. And not surprisingly, in cities where nature doesn’t have a stand against buildings, the climate is not the only cause of heat. The problem with Vietnamese urban areas and many other urban areas in the world is, when it gets hot, people turn on the air conditioner, which emits even more heat. Combining this with the traffic, and if you try to get to those touristy areas, the people, makes an intolerable atmosphere. Summer is also the festival season in Vietnam, so if you can’t stand the crowd, wait until winter.

  • Don’t wear diamond wedding rings in public:

Yes, this is how you can avoid scams, hide your valuables. In all seriousness, jewelry stealing is quite a severe matter in Vietnam, especially Southern Vietnam, there have been occasions where people get hurt for having their jewelry thieved in the middle of the street. So it’s high time that you stop wearing golden necklaces, earrings and other accessories. Rings, however, are useful. To signal that you are not single, just wear a cheap ring.

  • Don’t rush things:

As aforementioned, Vietnam is a great place to visit. But if you want to experience the full local culture and natural beauty of this country, an itinerary might be a bad idea. A greatly suggested activity for couples is to just walk around. Especially in stunning and romantic cities such as Da Lat, Hoian or Hanoi, checking off a list of hundreds of attractions is both a waste of time and energy. Instead, hold hands and walk through the roads full of flowers in Da Lat, together relax on a bamboo boat in Hoian, or take in the cool morning air from Sword Lake in Hanoi this would leave a much deeper impression and overall a more memorable honeymoon for you.


  • Get fancy:

In my opinion, honeymoons are to be enjoyable, to reward yourself with the best things, in celebration of making it this far in the relationship. If you were to have your honeymoon in other countries, you would have had to find the cheapest place to stay or things to eat. Fortunately, you have chosen to have your honeymoon in Vietnam, where everything is cheap, even luxury. You will find luxury honeymoon destination in Vietnam at famed cities such as Ha Long, Hoi An or Da Nang. And for about $40 - $100/night, you can experience at least a 4-star cruise ship, with wifi, nice beds, great view and even guided tour. If that’s not a bargain, I don’t know what is!

  • Buy each other meaningful gifts:

Again with the posh life, not only does Vietnam offer affordable accommodations, but also affordable high-quality domestic goods.

Some great gifts that will truly impress your partners are: Handmade silk goods, pearl, colored gems, coffee instruments (if your partner is a coffee-addict) or Ao dai (you can even take a second wedding photoshoot with an Aodai, it’s unisex clothes, don’t worry).

  • Go on adventures:

Don’t just enjoy the luxury, though, get lost sometimes. Vietnam is a country full of things to discover, impulsive things to do and rules to break. So don’t be hesitant to step out of your comfort zone to ride a motorbike, trek a mountain or jump down a stream. The more venture and fun you encounter, the stronger your relationship is guaranteed to be.

  • Pray for a long-lasting marriage:

Buddhism is the main religion of most Vietnamese, like Christians going to Church to confess, Vietnamese Buddhists sometimes find comfort and express their wishes at pagodas and temples. Even if you are not Buddhist, as long as you show respect to the culture, there’s no reason you can’t pray for a long-lasting marriage at special love pagodas and temples. Believe it or not, these places are always considered very sacred, and many prayers really have gotten what they wished for, such as bearing children, having a lover or a durable relationship.

In a nutshell, there is no reason to not have a honeymoon in Vietnam, as long as you research carefully and are aware of the culture you’re in, you’d surely have an amazing and romantic trip.

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PostDate: 13/08/2018