The coastal resort city of Nha Trang in southern Vietnam is known for its stunning beaches, clear water, and relaxing resorts - a perfect location for a Vietnam beach vacation packages. But off the coast there is even more to be enjoyed on and around the surrounding islands. During your visit to Nha Trang don’t miss out on experiencing the island life, seeing abundant marine animals, picturesque fishing villages, and taking your pick of many water sports on offer, among other fun things!

Hon Mieu Island

Hon Mieu Island (Source: Internet)

Hòn Miêu is arguably the best inshore island located in Nha Trang Bay, just a 15-minute ferry trip from Cau Da dock, and is well-known for its unique aquarium and chilled-out beaches. An authentic island experience on Hòn Miêu wouldn’t be complete without visiting a local fishing village and doing some snorkeling or scuba diving to see the tropical marine life. Of course, you’ll also want to take a break on the beach to dig your toes in the sand, drink a refreshing cocktail, and indulge in some local seafood delicacies too.

Guided snorkeling or scuba diving tours

In case you need an excuse to go swimming in your Vietnam beach vacation, the ocean surrounding Nha Trang is abundant with tropical fish and coral species to feast your eyes on!

No wetsuits required - just dive into the warm sea, averaging at a delightful 27-29 degrees celsius, with your snorkel and mask (or scuba gear if preferred) and start exploring the shoals of fish and colourful coral hugging the underwater rocks surrounding the island.


Snorkelling (Source: Internet)

Most tours of vacation Vietnam beach will take you snorkeling via a boat, so you can breathe in the sea breeze from out in the bay, and refuel your energy with a delicious lunch onboard including local specialty dishes and, if you’re lucky, a cold beer!

What better way to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea than going snorkeling on Hòn Mieu in Nha Trang Bay?

Local fishing village

Hòn Miêu fishing village was established long ago and remains to this day an impressive floating network of rafts, fishnets and cages, where the local fishing community attains their haul of fresh seafood.

Lobsters, crabs, snails, squid, oysters and more, are caught and then sold on shore, or the delicacies can be tried by tourists when visiting the floating fishing village during their Vietnam beach vacation in Hòn Miêu.

Local fishing village

Local fishing village in Hòn Mieu (Source: Internet)

Test your sea legs exploring the decks of the floating fishing village, made of rafts tied to one another, and see how the locals live their extraordinary lives day to day on the water!

Day cruise

If seeing just one island of Nha Trang Bay is not enough for you, then beach vacations in Vietnam with a day cruise or island-hopping tour may be better for you.

Most boats tours will include a fresh seafood lunch and plenty of time for swimming, sun lounging, and exploring parts of the islands’ villages.

Take a day off exploring the streets of Nha Trang city to embrace the island life. From being picked-up from your hotel, to being dropped off as a more sun-tanned, relaxed version yourself, you won’t regret spending your Vietnam beach vacation cruising the bay!

Tourists relaxing on a cruise

Tourists relaxing on a boat (Source: Internet)

Watersports at Bai Tranh Beach

If adventure is more your style, you should surely visit Bai Tranh Beach while you’re on Hòn Miêu island. Take your pick of watersports or boating activities and go to bed happy that evening! There’s jet skiing, parasailing, kayaking, snorkeling, or glass bottom boat trips to choose from.

Bai Tranh Beach

Bai Tranh Beach (Source: Internet)

After you’ve worn yourself out, you can claim yourself a wooden chair under a leaf hut on the beach, and take a moment to relax or indulge in some fresh seafood cuisine.

Swimming and snorkeling at Bai Soi Beach

Bai Soi beach

Bai Soi beach (Source: Internet)

Another popular beach for visitors to Hòn Miêu is Bai Soi which is uniquely covered in beautiful, large pebbles. Bai Soi’s calm shore is inviting for swimming and snorkeling, or just take up a sun lounger to relax and enjoy the island views.

Vinpearl Land and cable car (Hòn Tre Island)

While this magical place is not on Hòn Miêu, it would be crazy not to mention Vinpearl Land when talking about the islands surrounding Nha Trang. For one thing, even from the main beach of Nha Trang, you can’t miss the sight of Vinpearl Land. Its infamous ferris wheel can be spotted from the city, especially when it’s lit up at night.

Vinpearl Land is an amusement park and resort on Hòn Tre Island not far from Hòn Miêu and it has something for all ages. From amusement rides and games, a waterpark with dozens of waterslides and a wave pool, to a majestic water music show, diverse aquarium, and fun beach activities, there’s no way you’ll get bored on this Vietnam beach vacation and every reason you’ll go home with a smile on your face!

The best way to get there is by cable car which takes only 15 minutes but will give you the most spectacular views of the bay. The cable car is an experience in itself - so even if you don’t visit Vinpearl Land you can still do the cable car ride exclusively.

Cable car to Vinpearl Island

Cable car to Vinpearl Island (Source: Internet)


Even though hotels on Hòn Miêu are scarce, the short boat trip to the mainland and surrounding islands means there are plenty of options to choose where to stay while visiting this authentic island.

For travellers seeking a slice of paradise in their accommodation, consider Merperle Resort on neighbouring Hòn Tằm island. This beachfront property is known for its lovely poolside entertainment area, complete with a bar, with some customers even considering the resort to be the highlight of their trip to Vietnam! Standard room rates are priced at around 118 USD - 216 USD and includes a buffet breakfast.

A corner of Merpele resort

A corner of Merpele resort (Source: Internet)

Mid-range budget travellers could consider Balcony Hotel in Nha Trang, complete with rooftop pool! This 3.5 star beachfront property is priced starting at 35 USD per night and is located in the southern part of the city so it’s perfect for a quiet stay to wind down from your authentic island trip to Hòn Miêu.

A budget-friendly option is Paragon Hotel, in a nice, quiet part of town on the mainland - not far from Cau Da dock where one boards the ferry. From 25-39 USD per night you’ll be well-placed at Paragon Hotel, near a sandy beach to relax on, and your contemporary room includes all the standard amenities such as air conditioning and minibar to make your stay comfortable.

Getting to Hòn Mieu island

It’s as simple as a 15-minute ferry! From Cau Da dock, just a 10-minute drive from Nha Trang centre, you can buy a boat ticket at the tourist wharf (for approximately 1 USD) to Hòn Mieu, or get the most out of your day by joining a group tour to the island so you will be looked after the whole time by a local guide!

Whatever you decide to do on your visit to Hòn Miêu island we know you’ll appreciate the beauty and simplicity of the island life, and enjoy seeing the variety of marine animals in their natural habitat.

You won’t regret taking a day off from the busy city of Nha Trang to bask in the fresh ocean air and calming sound of the sea shore on an authentic island experience on Hòn Miêu in Vietnam.

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PostDate: 13/09/2018