On Hoian group tours, sometimes you’re told not to wander around and get lost? But Hoi An is the best place to do so.

Settled 30km from Danang city, spread out on the sides of Thu Bon River, Hoian is a city famous for its history, culture and architecture, combined with the liberal art influences of its current dwellers. But like any city with such a vibrant vibe, you cannot “drink” in the beauty of Hoian by going from one attraction to another. Ask the tour guide on your Hoian group tours and they would say, for a city like this, you need to get lost! Not as in “getting out”, but freely exploring. If method of travel agrees with you, you’re in luck because Hoian is a paradise for explorers. Here are some of the things that will motivate you to become one:

Lovely mini town

The town of Hoian is the perfect spot for a wanderer’s search of tranquility. In other places, while walking, one usually reminds themselves of the destination, the exact route to go, but sometimes in Hoian groups tour, tourists get lost… in the exquisiteness of the path they are walking on.

Calling Hoian a “city” would be a stretch, because compared to any western city, or any Vietnamese city, for that matter, it is tiny. Tour Hoian and you will see that estates here are firstly, significantly smaller than other areas and secondly, washed over with a color of ancient yellow (The color is said to blend in with the moss that grows prolifically in the Vietnamese humid climate).

Among these homes are green rice paddies, small blue streams, sometimes decorated by adorably small boats and vendors, that make most people lose themselves in the serenity of the city. Although walking is strongly recommended, if it is too much, you can also explore the city by cyclos, bicycles or even on those beautiful boats you see.

Hoian from the top

Hoian from the top (Source: Internet)

A haven of street food

A wanderer must not only satisfy their heart but also their stomach, which is guaranteed to be overjoyed in Hoian, with no effort. Street food is also an essential part in any Hoian tour, from Banh Mi to Cao Lau to Chinese food, Hoian is considered a heaven for foodies.

The special thing is, unlike other cities where you have to search for every restaurant and store online, then painstakingly search every address. In Hoian, according to anyone who has traveled here, just stop anywhere and you will find excellent food. For instance, Banh Mi Hoian, named the best Banh Mi in the world alone, has at least ten different recommendations, each with a unique taste waiting for your food scavenge!

Banh Mi taken by tourists in Hoian group tours

Banh Mi taken by tourists in Hoian group tours (Source: Internet)

Bar and café hotspot everywhere

In what other place can you walk around, find a random stall and get a good drink, along with an amazing street view? In Hoian, you can!

Let’s say during the day you went on a Hoian groups tour, you’ve been to all the historic and cultural attractions, and finally, you land in the old quarter. Once you’ve finished looking around and souvenir shopping, you’ll find yourself wanting to reflect on this amazing trip. There is no better way to reminisce than at a pub or café in Hoian.

Whether you are a drinker or not, quiet soul or looking for live music, prefer antique or contemporary style, you will be satisfied by the variety of stops Hoian offers. The prices of the drinks aren’t too expensive if you consider the atmosphere and view of the colorful glowing lanterns on ancient streets. In addition, most of these havens are located in the old quarter, where no traffic can get to, making encountering one especially easy for walkers.

View from a rooftop bar in Hoian

View from a rooftop bar in Hoian (Source: Internet)

It’s like walking in a painting

Hoian will transform any traveler into an artist! Not only a famous destination for foreign tourists, some Vietnamese also come to Hoian, saying it is the place to be if you want to take splendid pictures, the reason? Although known for its ancient color, the complete picture of Hoian can only be described as “an array of hues”.

In this ancient town, there are not yet any high rise buildings, the sky cannot hide itself. Thus, whenever the sky changes, it’s like the city puts on a different outfit. In the morning, the sky is astonishingly blue, over it lays the yellow of the walls, the magenta of paper flowers, the pop colors from the art galleries (displayed right on the street, attempting to lure in any curious customers), everything looks like a child’s painting, so genuine and vibrant.

When sunset comes, this turns into a pool of orange, then eventually pink and purple, setting a thoughtful tone to the town. At night, as if awaken, the city lights up again, swarmed in rays of multicolor lights, lanterns, shops, floating lanterns, and even pagodas glow up.

Bridge Pagoda

Bridge Pagoda, Hoian at night (source: internet)

This amazing color pallet makes it easy to understand why so many artists took inspiration from Hoian, ask any Vietnamese and they will say this is one of the best destinations for photography and wedding photos.

In 2015, the city was also listed number four out of ten most romantic cities in Asia. But even if you are not an artist, a romantic person or photographer, the charm of this city will surely move your heart.

With an abundance of magnificence, Hoian is the destination to go, a treat for the adventurous heart, the free spirit of those who wander.

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PostDate: 01/11/2018