North Vietnam, with its exquisite landscapes and indigenous culture, has long been a haunting destination for travelers all over the world. From the marvelous mountainous Northwest to the poetic coastal Northeast, the region can easily capture tourists’ hearts at first sight. It is absolutely worth a visit, but how can you have a flawless North Vietnam group tour? Do not forget these tips below to have the best trip!

1. Weather

Cold season in the North of Vietnam

Cold season is the best time to travel to the North (Source: Internet)

Weather is one of the determining factors that can decide the success of a trip. As the region is quite large, each part will have different weather features, but generally, a year can be divided into two periods: from October to March with the cool to cold weather, and the rest of the year with the warm to hot weather. Despite the fact that it would be extremely cold between late December and January, the cold season, which starts in October and ends in March, is still considered the perfect time to have the best North Vietnam group tour. It is dry and the visibility is high, which is just perfect for sightseeing or adventurous tours.
Starting from late April, the North goes into the hot season with an exceptionally high temperature (up to 45?C in the peak season). Additionally, when there is not much sunshine, it starts to rain heavily, creating a low mood and making the road too bumpy and slippery for traveling.

Mountainous Northwest

Mountainous Northwest (Source: Internet)

2. Nature and people

Nature has blessed the North with exquisite natural settings of soaring mountains, fertile deltas, and pristine beaches.

While the Northeast is the beach paradise with soft snow-white sands and aqua-green sea waters, the mountainous western part features heaven-kissing mountains, steep hills, and curved passes. The east is wonderful for a leisure trip, while the west is extraordinarily perfect for adventurous travelers.

Halong Bay

Halong Bay (Source: Internet)

A north Vietnam group tour also enables travelers to get a deeper understanding of the long-lasting culture of the locals. Having undergone more than 4,000 years of history with numerous ups and downs, the region possesses a rich traditional and cultural heritage that anyone doing Northern Vietnam travel should never miss exploring. It is home to Hanoi - the 1000-year-old capital of Vietnam with gentle Hanoians and a rich culinary culture. The ingenuous ethnic people of the Northwest and the innocent fishermen of the Northeast are also should-meet people during your trip here.

Innocent ethnic kids

Innocent ethnic kids (Source: Internet)

In general, local Vietnamese are friendly and hospitable, but it is still necessary to pay attention when visiting big tourist attractions. Things like robbing or theft can happen anywhere if you are not protective enough of your stuff. You can also be overcharged sometimes if you don’t know how to bargain. That’s a common issue that happens in many tourist spots in this complicated world.

3. Local tour operators

As tourism is increasingly developing, there appears to be more and more tour agencies that offer tour packages to the North. The large number of tours available might be overwhelming, though. Visitors should pay meticulous attention when choosing to go with any travel agency, especially when you are buying a tour inside Hanoi Old Quarter. There are lots of copycat agencies, and no one knows if they are reliable or not.

Hence, it’s a essential to read through the North Vietnam group tour guide in advance to find out which agency you could book your trip with. It must have well-planned itineraries, certifications from travel associations, and of course, good reviews from clients.

4. What to bring?


Mosquito repellent is a must-have when traveling to tropical countries (Source: Internet)


It is a must to bring along the necessary items for any trip such as visas, passports, camera, first aid kits, and so on. For a North Vietnam trip, it is also essential to bring a light coat in the winter and sunscreen in the summer to fight against the weather conditions. Also, insect repellant is a must-have, especially if you want to go exploring the jungles.

But in a nutshell, the most important thing you need to prepare is a smile. Don’t forget to put on a smile and have a positive attitude as a good mood will decide whether your trip is successful or not.


5. Small tips

  • Though dollars are now accepted in some hotels and restaurants, it is still recommended to exchange your money into Vietnam Dong to make buying and selling easier and faster. If you go to a local food stall or buy souvenirs in small shops, USD will not work.

A local SIM card for internet access

A local SIM card for internet access (Source: Internet)

  • SIM cards are very cheap, so don't hesitate to buy one to get access to the internet and stay connected with others. It will cost you only a few dollars for a local SIM card with unlimited mobile data.
  • Do not touch any items if you do not intend to buy them, especially in the early morning, because it is considered really bad luck to the sellers. You might get scolded for that, sometimes. 

Hopefully, the tips above will be helpful to those who are going to visit beautiful North Vietnam. Be well prepared, and a North Vietnam group tour will never disappoint you!


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PostDate: 22/11/2018