Mentioning Vietnam, people always think about one of the world’s New Seven Wonders: Halong Bay, the stunning terraces of Sapa, or the crowded cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, but they forget that besides these destinations above, Vietnam also has a lot of fantastic beaches and islands.

Being a new famous destination for Vietnamese youth, Điệp Sơn Island will bring you a lot of interesting experiences that you may have never had before. With the breathtaking, meandering path stretching across the sea, connecting three small primitive islets together, Điệp Sơn Island is now the top answer to the question: what are the best places to see in Vietnam?

The peaceful picturesque island

The peaceful picturesque island (Source: Internet)

Where is Điệp Sơn?

Điệp Sơn is a series of 3 small islets lying in the waters of Van Phong Bay, Khanh Hoa Province. Exploring the island, you have to start from Vạn Giã town and after about an hour floating on the sea, the beautiful archipelago gradually appears and creates a target on the horizon.

Điệp Sơn Island on Google map

Điệp Sơn Island on Google map (Source: Internet)

When is the best time to visit Điệp Sơn?

The best time for a good trip to this beautiful island is from December to June. At this time, the sea is quite calm and fresh, so it is good for those who get seasick when traveling by boat.

Fresh and green sea

Fresh and green sea (Source: Internet)

How do you get there?

If you are traveling to Điệp Sơn from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, you have various options like: airplane, sleeper bus or train. These will stop at either Nha Trang city or Cam Ranh airport, and you will have to take a local taxi to get to Vạn Giã town to catch the boat to the island. Another way to get to Vạn Giã is by bus with a very cheap ticket price of 26,000VNĐ. The distance from Nha Trang city to Vạn Giã town is about 60km.

When you reach Vạn Giã, ask the locals the way to Vạn Giã fishing port to catch a boat or canoe to the island. The price is approximately 100,000-200,000VNĐ. The times you can take a boat are from 9.00AM to 11.00AM. It only takes you 1 hour to arrive at the island by boat, and 20 minutes by canoe.

Vạn Giã fishing port

Vạn Giã fishing port (Source: Internet)

What is there to do on the island?

The special thing that attracts tourists to this island is the unique path of sand stretching across the sea which links the small islets together. This path is 700 meters long and 1 meter wide. It will stand above the sea at low tide. Walking along this path brings you a sense of excitement, nervousness and a little bit of fear when you have to take steps through the huge ocean. While walking, you can see little shoals of fish swimming nearby or sometimes they can jump out of the sea and flap their tails. You can also lie down on this path to feel the waves surfing over your body.

Lie down on this path to feel the waves surfing over your body

Lie down on this path to feel the waves surfing over your body (Source: Internet)

There are 80 families living on this island. They earn their living by fishing on the sea, so their life is quite hard. Every day, electricity is only available from 6:00PM to 9:00PM thanks to a generator. So you should prepare a power bank, torch and enough necessary equipment if you want to stay to camp on the island overnight.

Camp on the island to watch the sunrise

Camp on the island to watch the sunrise (Source: Internet)

After walking the fantastic path, the island always welcome you by a picturesque scene with the green of the trees, the red of the roofs, and the fresh blue of the sea. There is nothing better than standing in the sea feeling the breeze on your face, the waves caress your feet and contemplating the blue sea with the horizon. All your worries will be blurred by the wonderful natural beauty.

Kayaking is also a new activity on the island which attracts a lot of youth to take part in. Find your teammate, choose your favorite colored kayak and have a race. Moreover, you can rent a boat and let the local guide take you to surrounding rustic islands to explore. You can be a modern-day Robinson Crusoe finding your own island.

Colorful kayak

Colorful kayak (Source: Internet)

Other places for you to get a thousand ‘likes’ for your photo is the wooden bridge. This bridge is built to connect the pearl rafts together, but there a many tourist couples who use this bridge to take photographs, so it has another name: “love bridge”.

Love bridge

“Love Bridge” (Source: Internet)

What is there to eat on the island?

There are not many restaurants and groceries on Điệp Sơn Island, and the price is quite expensive. If you arrive at the island in the morning, you should visit the market to have breakfast with simple dishes like rice soup, bánh mì, fried pancakes and so on. Morning is also the time for the seafood market which sells all the fresh seafood of the island which have been caught during the night or early morning. You should go as soon as possible to buy the best ingredients for your meal. There is also a chicken farm on the island; you can go there and buy one for your barbeque dinner. You should prepare some snacks and instant noodles in case you don’t buy fresh food.

Where can you stay on the island?

Although Điệp Sơn is an attractive destination of Khánh Hòa, it is still pristine, and the services there are not very developed. There are neither guest houses nor hotels so you should bring tents to camp on the beach. In case you forget to bring a tent, you can rent them on the island or you can ask the locals to stay at their house. Though the locals are very friendly and hospitable, you should pay them a little money or give them a souvenir to thank them.

Camping on the seashore

Camping on the seashore (Source: Internet)

Tips to have a good trip on this beautiful island:

  • Get yourself enough necessary goods like snacks, instant noodles, fresh water, lighter, power bank and torch.
  • Diep Son has no official beach, and the surrounding area is quite shallow so there are many marine species such as jellyfish, sea urchins, etc you should beware of.
  • Give the children on the island food and souvenirs instead of money.
  • Clean and remove all your trash to keep the environment green.

Điệp Sơn is a destination worth visiting and it is also the top answer to the question: what are the best places to see in Vietnam? Put your bag on your back and come here immediately to have a unique experience with your friends or family.

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PostDate: 04/12/2018